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The importance of stretching

I’ve heard it many times before: “Stretching is not for me” “Who needs to stretch” “It is a waist of time”. But is it really?

Maybe you’re one of those that never stretch. You workout, you look good, you are lean, you are strong, But you never stretch. And then one day when you wake up you might feel a sharp pain in your back, you get up, and what do you do? Instinctively you try to stretch it out, touch your toes, or something like it. The pain goes away, and so does the memory of it. The habit continues, weeks, months passes along. And then one day, there is a pain that takes your breath away. What happened?

Over time, yes you got stronger, you built up the muscles. But they also got tighter, and this combined with our life style of “a lot of sitting”  again led to that your hamstring muscles started retracting. Loss of mobility, and the pull on the shortened muscles over time builds up, and then you get “tada” pain.  This is only one scenario. There are many more to pick from .

Said shortly stretching help prevent injuries, increases blood flow, increases circulation, flexibility, mobility, and helps muscle growth.

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