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The Low Fat Trap!!!

Looks lovely right? Who does not love ice creme. But then again did you choose low fat, or did you choose sugar-free, or is it one sweetened with one of the new natural sweeteners like agave nectar or  honey?  Why do I ask?

Because you might think you do the right thing by picking up that low fat item, but before you do read the label.

You should do the same thing if you choose to go sugar-free. The chemical /artificial sweeteners used such as aspartame, splenda etc. Have shown to have all more negative things then positive sides to them.

This might be the milk that you drink, you might have a couple of items stored in your fridge with the word “low fat” on it. But did you ever look at the calorie and sugar content?

“Low fat” products tend to have a higher sugar content than a “non-low-fat” product.  Manufactores turns to an increase in amount of fructose, the sugary corn syrup to improve the taste of the product.  Just walk into any store, and see how many products you can find with high fructose or corn syrup, it’s almost in everything.   Check out the movie “King Corn” just saw it my self, they are talking about the same thing there too.

Bottom line, always read the label. They might advertise with low fat, lower fat, very low fat and light products. But what about the calories and sugar content.  They say they are a “healthier” option, but that’s just a trick. So if you are a person trying to loose weight: Step away from the low fat!!!

Here is some more reading:

“Why foods that are label “low fat” is probably high in sugar”

“Snacks- low fat, high sugar”

Enjoy! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you found some inspiration.
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