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Why eating to lose weight is important

There seems to me like a common “misunderstanding” amongst what is now classified as the “skinny fats” is that the less you eat the more you lose. Which is why a lot of women around the world are on extremely strict diets.

The fact is that if a women eat less than 800 calories pr day, her metabolism slows down, and keeps on rapidly reducing.   When there is a lack of calories in a diet it will lead to that the body easily feels fatigued. There is also other side effects. Skin, hair, muscles all gets effected by your  decisions. Recommended intake on calories for a women lays between 1200-1500 calories. Depending on your activity level, you add more.

To burn fat, you need to eat. Without enough food to turn into energy, the body takes muscle protein, yes your muscles gets broken down, so that the body can support it self, the brain, red blood cells, and nervous system.

When muscles are broken down, you automatically reduce the bodies ability to burn fat.  Muscles tissue alone burns 70% of  the fat in your body.

As always I keep it short. But if you want to read more about this: 

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