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Kettlebell-what and why

Kettlebell or gira is from Russia, but over the last couple of years, they have been more and more used world wide. If you look around in your gym you might see them next to were the weights are. A kettlebell is made from cast iron. The great thing about the kettlebell is that you don’t only work one muscle, you use several. Strength, flexibility and cardiovascular training goes hand in hand when you use one of these.

I have this page that I use, were Marianne who is a Fitness and Extreme Kettlebell Instructor, has a lot of post with maaaany exercises. I recommend this exercise if you want to  try out a lot of different things with a kettlebell. Its the Ultimate 500 Rep. exercise.

Did you find this interesting, read more here:

What: kettlebell vs dumbbells


Pros and Cons

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