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Weight training- and 6 reasons why is it important

Today I was reading a magazine, and a thing that I have been reading about before popped up: that women trains/workout too little with weights.  This because of the fear of getting big muscles. I started lifting and working out with weights when I was 16 years old, after training a lot of different sports before this. And I do not have big muscles.

Working out with weights are what you make it out to be yourself.  If you think “hey, my muscles are getting to muscly!” Just start lifting lighter weights, it maintains the muscles, and does not turn the muscles into fat. The shape of the muscles does not change, it just makes the muscle a little bit smaller.

There are many reasons why you should be lifting weights, or strength workouts:

1. To be in good shape, diet and cardio is important, but weight training is just as important.

2. Muscles burns fat. The more muscles you have, the more fat you burn.

3. Makes you stronger.

4. Reduces risk of injury

5.Increases balance, stability and flexibility

6. Help protect bones

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