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Pregnancy and working out

It is important to remember that to be pregnant is not an illness. Yes, you might have days were you don’t feel the greatest, but its all worth it. At the end, you get the best gift there ever is.

These are my key words for working out:

B reath

L isten ( to your body)

A djust (if something is uncomfortable, stop that exercise)

H earth rate and Hydrate

I’ve been thinking about this article for a while, what to write and what not. I started working out at an early age, and when I found out that I was pregnant I was working out for a kickboxing event, that did not happen. My workout day would be 4-6 hrs, but when I found out that I was pregnant I cut out some, and went down to 2-3 hrs.

Remember, when you are pregnant talk to your doctor about exercising, listen to your body, you are the only one that knows how your body feels. No pregnancy is a like. I talked to my doctor but also the personal trainer at my gym, that had trained pregnant women in the past.

Don’t over heat your body, no max pulse over a long time of period (80% of your pulse is good), make sure to breath. I made a habit of singing,  so that I knew that I was breathing wright when I was doing real hard cardio.  When you do weights: breath. You will notice that it is way more easier for your hearth rate to go up  now, than before. And you will sweat more. Remember, drink lots of fluids, maybe more than your usual.

Things that you were doing before pregnant you can continue doing when pregnant when it comes to exercise, but some things like:Kickboxing, climbing, mountain biking etc. are no brainers. If you did not work out before, don’t worry, you can still start working out now, just don’t push your body to hard.

Giving birth is going to be the hardest workout that you have ever done (some compare it to running a marathon), so it is important that you are in shape, if you can’t run or lift to heavy. It still helps to walk, swim, and lift lighter weights. Remember, listen to your body.

Swimming and yoga  are excellent choices to keep on doing all the way through your pregnancy.

Exercising helps on your hormones, back pain and water retention and so much more:

45 Reasons to work out

Benefits from working out (blog)

There is so much I could write, but since I try to keep these just informative and short, I’m ending it here, but:

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3 comments on “Pregnancy and working out

  1. Lilla
    February 16, 2014

    thank you, I#m really greatful for this! just tested positive this morning 😀

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