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Sore nipples-now what

I was one of the lucky ones when it comes to breastfeeding. My baby latched on with no problem, and I have never had any problems with my milk. But I have had sore nipples, in the beginning. My nipples have never been used for breastfeeding before, so they had to toughen up. You know, just like when you start going bare feet in the summer, it takes some time before that hard skin grows under neath your foot. The same concept goes for you nipples. So they are going to be sore, but this should not last for a long period of time.  Sore  nipples that comes from feeding,  can be prevented. By learning early on the proper way to latch the baby on.

My husband bought me some nipple shields, but I have never use them.

What I have used is nipple cream. This one Bella B nipple butter, works in just seconds it feels like. Don’t use it on your lips. It is not made for that. And no, its not a commercial for the product. It is just product I would recommend others to use.  They sell it on amazon, but also in Bergen, Norway at the Mammashop.

To read more about sore nipples:

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