healthy eating my way (allergy friendly)

Products that I use

As you might have figured out, I use a lot of products. But remember your local health store or GNC might have the same, better or cheaper products.  I’ ll try to keep this list up todate, as I constantly find new things I want to try out. As I seem to have a problem linking the names with the brand and product I use I’m just writing what I use and the brand name behind. I have tried this every way I can imagine, but it seems like wordpress think that I’ve been  advertise for the companies. I AM NOT MAKING ANY MONEY OF ANY OF THIS. This is purely for informational use.
A lot of my products I have bought online, just because they are cheaper.

Spirulina ( Now Foods)
Mega Greens
Wild berry burst
Emerald Balance: the ultimate whole body supplement
Raw organic Green Super Food
Aloe vera concentrate ( Now Foods)

Some brands that I like:

“Now Foods”

“Pure Planet”


Click on their names to go to their home pages. 


Coconut oil ( Nutiva)
Flax oil( Barlean’s)

Other things:
Vanilla Extract ( Simply Organic)
Lollipops and candy from  Yummy-Earth

I’ll try to add more items to this list, and update it too. Please ask me if you have any questions.

Enjoy! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you found some inspiration.

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