healthy eating my way (allergy friendly)

Other posts

Other posts

Avocado- a complete source of nutrition

Eating quick when out

Clean eating

News 01.August 2011

Low-carb – what is it

Why use ecological cleaning products

News 12.08.2011


New things

News 09.09.2011

Quinoa Pasta

New things 24.September 2011

News 26.09.2011

News 24.10.2011

Bergen- and a little more rain

The Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award February 2012 🙂

A Norwegian Raw Food Book

Healthy Snacks

New articles 12.2.2012

Traveling and blogging

Purple Sweet Potato

Attunes Food Cereal Review- Gluten Free

Water vs Coke- Can you believe this? I just had to post this!!!


Wednesday Motivation

Thursday Motivation

Friday Motivation

Saturday Motivation

My workout experiment- The Under Armour Challenge!

My 4th Versatile Blogger Award

Tuesday Motivation

Wednesday Motivation

Thursday Motivation

Friday Motivation

Saturday Motivation!

Tuesday Motivation

One Lovely Blog Award!

Friday Motivation

Tuesday Motivation

Wednesday Motivation

Start with your health!!!

Thursday Motivation

Under Armour What’s Beautiful Challenge and Competition

This one is for Whitney S!!!

Friday Motivation

Saturday Motivation – For the fun of it

 A mile marker!

Thursday Motivation

 Friday Motivation
Tuesday Motivation
Wednesday Motivation
Thursday Motivation
Friday Motivation
Saturday Motivation – Since I have my first run today!
3 more days of the UAWoman Challenge, and my first race today!
Just wanted to let you know
Tuesday Motivation
Wednesday Motivation! Let’s do this
Thursday Motivation
Friday motivation
Tuesday Motivation
Wednesday Motivation – Warriorz
Wednesday Motivation- T.I.M.E
Thursday Motivation – Attitude
Thursday Motivation – Aim High!!!
Vacation time

Why eating to lose weight is important

The importance of stretching

Motivation – Every Day!!!

Motivation- Greatness!

Motivation  – There is so much to smile about in life!!!!

Motivation – One Step !!!

Motivation- Stay Positive

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