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Jeju Island South Korea

So for Labor day weekend we traveled to Jeju Island, located of the southern tip of the Korean peninsula. This volcanic island, which has many dormant volcanoes, the biggest one of them is Hallasan. Hallasan is also the tallest mountain in South Korea.  Jeju is the largest island and the smallest province in South Korea.  It has also been called Tamna, and “The Island of the Gods”, there are many legends connected to this island.  When it comes to things to see there is a lot, you can have beach life, city life or of tracking in the mountains, what ever your heart desires. When it comes to tourist attractions there are sandy beaches, captivating nature, beautiful waterfalls, lava caves, salt farms, green tea farms, female divers (haenyo), and much, much more.

We had 4 days on this beautiful island, also called the Hawaii of Korea. The island was too big for us to see all of it in those 4 short days.

To read more about Jeju Island:

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