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New Mexico

White Sands is a National Park in New Mexico, with the whites sand dunes that I have ever seen. And as we drove into the park, we saw cars parked along the road, and people sledding on sleds on the dunes. It was a family event, they had they were grilling, playing with kites, and running on the dunes. Since it is a dessert you would think that it is hot, but it is not. The sand was so cool, that you just want to lay down in it to avoid the burning rays of the sun.

Here is the link to read more about White Sands National Park.

This on the other hand is not a picture of sand. This is snow. And when was it. One day after we had gone and seen the “White Sands”, we went the opposite direction. And headed to the mountain. Lincoln National Forest  which is located 8600 feet above sea level ( about 2800 meters). New Mexico is by far on of the most diverse states that I have been in until now.

We went up to the mountain range called Cloudcroft, to look at a almost wester looking mountain village.

The water has left its mark on the stones.

On the way home we stopped by two different pistachio ranches

The two ranches that we stopped at are:


Heart of the desert

I can honestly say that we bought a lot of nuts, and candy.  The “Chili Pistachio Brittle” from  Tree Ranch is addictive. And “Pistachios Red Chili, Extra Hot” from  the “Heart of the desert” is also very addictive. I love spicy and hot.

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