healthy eating my way (allergy friendly)

Weight loss

I can honestly say that I never have been dieting. In my mind I believe that healthy living and eating promotes also a healthy weight. Here I will talk about different things that will affect you, and things that might help you on your way.  Remember, before doing any exercises or starting a new diet,  please consult your healthcare provider. No person on this earth is alike, and there might be different things that works for some people, that again will not work for others.

This pictures shows, muscle and fat weighs the same. It is the mass/volume of it that makes the difference. What would you rather have. 40 pounds/ 20 kg of access fat, or the same amount of muscle?

If you do start some kind of workout regime, and start turning things around in your life, try it for at least a month.  There is no miracle cure out there, like Tv seems to be claiming. Pills are not the answer, maybe you’ll get an effect straight away. But do you really want to be putting pills in your body for the rest of your life, with all the side effects?

You are the only one that change you. Not cutting out food, and starving your self. That might just put your body in a survival mode. Weight loss is a life style, not a diet. But remember, the most important thing is to listen to your body, you are the only one that can tell yourself how you are feeling.  And always remember to talk to a health care provider about weight and weight loss. They also come with lifestyle changes in your diet.

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